Sorry, we're not taking on any work at this time.
Ray Collamore was our founder and ran the business until the 1970’s. At that point, his son Bob took over and ran the business until 2019. Bob’s son Justin now runs the business.
We are happy to figure out an estimate to get things going and see if our cabinets will work within your budget. To do this we will need some rough measurements and pictures of your space.
We don’t supply counter tops but are happy to recommend vendors that we work with who do.
Though we can fabricate a single door, it is nearly impossible to match a single door in an already existing kitchen. Because of this, we do not offer this service and would recommend you contact to the company who originally made your kitchen cabinets.
Cabinet refacing is for when you want to keep your existing cabinets but want to update the look. Though this is a great option for many people it’s not something we do at Ray’s as it is a business in itself. We would be happy to discuss building you a new kitchen.
We don’t currently have a show room. However, we have many sample doors in our office and are happy to show you cabinets that are currently being made at the shop. You can also take a look at our social media pages for some of our recent work.
We are well versed in cabinet design and layout and would be happy to create a design with you. We can also work alongside your architect or designer if you’d prefer.
We source all our plywood and lumber locally. Our cabinet boxes are made of 3/4” hardwood plywood, and cabinet backs are made of 1/2” hardwood plywood. Cabinet face frame, doors and crown are all solid hardwood. If you decide to visit the shop, we can happily show you our materials up close.
Every cabinet leaving our shop has been manufactured solely by us. We are our own brand and are immensely proud of that.
Each job is different so times can vary. What we are currently working on, and what your job entails both factor into the overall manufacturing time. Give us a call to go over your project and we can talk about how long you can expect it to take.

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Check out the cabinet care & product adjustment downloads for simple steps to keep your cabinets in great shape!

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